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Worse neighbors to have...

One of the things we had wanted to do while up in Republic this past weekend was look at some houses and property...part of a very initial sizing up of that area for a possible vacation/retirement/retreat location. 

We saw a lot of nice land, and a few decent 'turn key ready' properties, including one nice cabin on 10 acres for just over 100K.  I mean...you do the math on that, putting 20% down, it comes out to like 450 a month.  Taking it a step further, that means my wife would only need to make $2000 a month to allow me to be a gentleman farmer...but that's a thought for another time. 

More than specific properties though, we were just kind of looking at areas...how does Trout Creek compare to Mt. Baldy?  East of town vs. North of town closer to the border(closer to the border looked nice, but in a quick drive we saw two cars of Border Patrol folks glassing hill sides with binoculars, which is way more attention than I want from law enforcement). 

Sometimes, you were driving down roads with no names, sometimes they had Forest Service numbers, and sometimes they had names made up by the locals...this one was my favorite, and if that's the local flavor, I'm okay with it.

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  1. I doubt if john law, of whatever stripe, sits in one spot for long. Most likely they were doing something very short term and very specific. The one thing that worries me about being too far out, where the law never goes, is you begin bumping into people who are there for that reason. And that is all well and good until it's not. Then it's really not good, not at all. And... how long will it take the law to even find you, assuming you don't move? Getting there will take a rather long time quite often, even if they know the exact spot.

    Unless, of course, you are planning on doing your own "grow". But then you might end up with bigger things to worry about than the law or typical brigands.