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Logistics Fail!

Despite a weekend back in April when it was 85 degrees, yesterday was out first 'Hot' day(hot in the Tri-cities being over 90, as opposed to the 75 I used to consider hot in the Puget Sound area.  Today was even hotter, with the anticipated high being around 95.

I'm not a hot weather kind of guy, and neither are my kids.  Being born and raised in Western Washington does not prepare one for a summer of hot weather.  Unlike my girls, I don't have that excuse...I'm just fat and hairy. 

Out of sheer thoughtfulness for my girls, I thought I would pick up some Otter Pops on the way home.  My plan ran into a snag though, when the nice lady at Safeway told me that had already sold out of Otter Pops! 

The horror!  Talk about being 3 meals away from a revolutions...not even 48 hours into a heat wave, and not an Otter Pop to be found.

The kids will just have to suffer through with ice cream sandwich's instead...

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