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Well, who ELSE are you Going to blame!?!?!?

Adults blamed for toddler’s tub death in Deming

BELLINGHAM — The Whatcom County medical examiner says a toddler drowned in a bathtub at a Deming home because of inadequate adult supervision.
Medical Examiner Gary Goldfogel says 2-year-old Garret A. Charlie drowned accidentally Friday while bathing with cousins — ages 3 and 5.
The sheriff’s office is investigating whether negligence or abuse charges should be brought against the boy’s aunt and uncle.
The Bellingham Herald reports state child welfare workers placed the boy in the home in August because his mother was in rehab for drug abuse.
A prayer service for Garret was scheduled at 7 p.m. Wednesday at the Nooksack Tribe Community Building.

Just a quick sad story....but what hit me was the 'duh' factor...I mean, who else are you going to hold responsible if a 2-year old dies in the tub than the adults that are supposed to be caring for him? 

The Sheriff's Department shouldn't be investigating 'whether' negligence or abuse charges should be fired...they should be trying to find out who to hang a murder charge on...

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