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Now it's a law!

Today, Governor Christine Gregoire signed a bill, making Washington the 7th State to allow gay marriages, which is strange, because I figured you were always allowed to have a happy marriage.

Oh....it's not that gay.

Well, that's still fine by me.  Lacking an religious objection, I really don't have a problem with 'same sex' marriages.  I certainly don't think it's going to erode the sanctity of marriage any more than it already is(something like a 30-40% divorce rate) and I don't see this leading down a slippery slope to where guys are going to be wanting to marry sheep, or their bass boats.

It's simply opening the way for more people to be able to share their lives with people they love, and maybe eek a little more happiness out of this too short, and frequently unhappy thing we call life.

Who am I to begrudge ANYONE a chance at happiness?

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  1. I have to disagree...I think plenty of guys would be willing to marry their bass boats...