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Out right theft...

I try not to make a living at the blog thing by just linking to other folks, but in the case, Guffaw posted something that needs to be shared.  I even posted a copy of it on facebook(yes, it's that serious). 

I don't watch many(as in any) of the 'opinion disguised as news' shows on TV.  I can barely stand the stuff that I think of as real news.  I never really gave Judge Napolitano a chance, lumping him in with all the other bad apples.

Well, his show is cancelled now, in what could be revenge by the folks at Fox, for pointing out the Emperor has no clothes, but since they cancelled the show after him also, is probably just standard line-up tinkering.  I didn't even know Fox had a business channel.

This rant, from back in January, is one of the best I have ever seen...and while it doesn't answer anything, it asks the kind of questions that need to be shared.

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