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Early this week, I was 'Leibstered' by Quizikle.  Because my daddy taught me not to use words I didn't know the meaning off, I did a quick bit of research and found out that this a positive thing.  Leibster is German for 'favorite/dearest' and the Liebster Award is something making the rounds on the Internet...a way for us small guys(less than 200 visits a day) to do some internal promotion.  It's also a way for me to put out a post without having to come up with an original idea.

So...first off, Quizikle, thank you for the honor. 

Now, a confession.  Many times before, I have admitted to not being 'technical savy' so, ummm...one of the things I don't really know how to do is determine how many site visits someone gets a day.  I mean, it's easy to guess by the number of comments on some folks blogs that they don't need my help. 

I tried a program called statbrain, but it took a REALLY long time.  I was able to take a shower waiting for results when I plugged in my own site for an accuracy test.  I then tried webtraffic24, and while it was fast, I not pleased with the results.  It said I only get 16 visits a day, and that Tam only gets 168, and that Oleg Volk get 210.  I find those numbers hard to believe. 

I'm flustered.  I like to follow the rules...even if they are arbitray rules for an award that really doesn't mean anything.  If I was a D&D Character, I would probably by Lawful Neutral. 

Okay....I want to finish this today, so, I am just going to pick 5 sites that I like, and from comment numbers, look like they are not getting huge traffic.   If I pick someone that is already getting more traffic than the 200 visits a day threshhold, I hope they won't be offended.  If anyone IS offended, then, I guess they can have their money back.

The Girls Guide to Guns and Butter.  This is one where I would be surprised if she wasn't over 200 visits a day, but screw it.  I tried doing right, now I'm just doing.  Good recipes, and if you click on her 'Homesteading' menu, she has THE BEST explanations for butchering various animals I have ever seen.

Scary Yankee Chick.  Oh wait...she just got one of these a week ago. 

How is this not like a chain letter?  And this is tough, just because I don't go to that many blogs...

Alright...not going to agonize over it.  I mostly wanted to acknowledge and say thanks to Quizikle sending me the award.

The Broken Patriot

Shining Pearls of Something

Finally, because I'm a happily married man, and I wish to stay that way, we'll give me wife's site a boost...even though she only posts every 2 weeks, who know's when she'll realize I gave her this award...Mumsy Musings

Man...that was way tougher than it should be been.  Now, I still have to post on their blogs to let them know about the honor...


  1. It IS like a chain letter!
    Who cares? We're helping and supporting one another.

  2. Thanks, Greg! I'm not much of a team player, but a boost is never a chore. I think I'll add some diversity to the mix...

  3. I'm just delighted people are reading my blog often enough to WANT to send it to me!

    And yes, very much a chain letter.....I can't believe I particpated....

  4. Thanks, the whole staff here at Broken Patriot (my dog and myself) appreciates it. I guess this means I should start using proper English, sentence structure, etc. All 3 of my followers should appreciate it. Keep the free ice cream coming here.

  5. Average per day for my blog (not for the entire site) is between 1500 and 2200, depending on the frequency of updates. That doesn't count the gallery visitors or the readers on Livejournal (1280 subscribers) or Facebook readers (2000+) or those who read through feed aggregators. So I don't think the stats from wt24 are very accurate.

  6. I got one the other day and I didn't even try to follow most of the rules...I just made $**t up (Like the zombie rule, which I stole from Americas' 1st Sgt. ) And I can't get the graphic to display properly. So don't feel bad, as they say, your mileage may vary!!