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Playing the Blame Game.

A quick confession on my part, in that I was very prepared to dislike the Half Time Show at the Super Bowl this year. While I can admit that Madonna has been one of the most influential names in pop music(and I will never forgive her for spawning Lady Gaga) I have never really been a big Madonna fan. I have enjoyed some of her songs, but I have never really missed her, like I have missed, say…Garth Brooks.

I was pretty impressed with her half-time show though. While never more than a ‘decent’ singer in my book, with a knack for picking great songs(although she did help write Vogue, and Like a Prayer), she is a great PERFORMER. The choreography in her shows is second to none, and by all accounts, she is responsible for much of that herself. Finally, at age 53, she has had some great work done, and the lady quite clearly still has ‘it’.

 As much as I was watching and admittedly enjoying the half-time show, I must admit, I didn’t catch The Controversy. I guess at one point, one of the singers assisting Madonna(I guess she is British Hip-Hop singer M.I.A ) flipped the camera The Bird. You know…the Finger. One can guess that it wasn’t international relations.

It was on screen less than 1 second before the folks at NBC caught it and blurred it out. I’m not really aware of anyone being offended, but just in case, the NFL AND NBC have issued apologies…and assigned blame.

"The NFL hired the talent and produced the halftime show," NBC spokesman Christopher McCloskey said. "Our system was late to obscure the inappropriate gesture and we apologize to our viewers."
 Oh, come off it…this isn’t a ‘wardrobe malfunction’…this was a conscious act by what one must assume was a conscious human being. There is only one person to blame here, and that is the person who owns the finger. Any fines/punishment can start, and end, with her.

Cutting off the offending finger will probably take care of the problem.

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