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Large Mouth > Small Mouth

Nope, not talking about bass fishing...I've had a much more 'domestic epiphany. 

Sometimes, the best way I can help my wife is to stay out of her way, and that has been true for most of the packing that she has accomplished, other than a few times she has waved at something and said 'you can take care of putting that into a box.

Last night, I was graced with getting to round up all the empty, used mason jars we've been stashing around the apartment.  I'm sure veteran canners have a system for storing empty jars once they've been used, but we really haven't gotten there yet.  A few of the jars that I found looked like they needed cleaning before I packed them away, and that is where I made the large mouth/small mouth discovery.

The wide mouth jars are about 13 times easier to clean effectively than the 'regular' mouth jars.  They were so much easier, I almost 'accidently' knocked the half-dozen regular jars I found onto the floor, so I would just have an excuse to get rid of them.

And no, it hasn't escaped my attention that a wide mouth makes it easier to get the last of some canned goody OUT of the jar either. 

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  1. But kind Sir, Your wife who does the canning has found that she prefers regular mounthed canning jars.