Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Yes, it's EXACTLY like that...

Whether it is out of a desire to increase participation in what it takes to keep our family running on an even keel, or shear greed, both of our children are showing an increased interest in find chores to do around the house.

SWMBO and I already expect a certain amount of unpaid assistance from the girls.  They help set the table for meals, they clean their plates off, and they put their own laundry away.  They even cooperate on this with the younger shorter one putting away the socks and undies, and the taller one putting away the stuff that needs hanging.  We both also agree that increased motivation should provide some opportunity to make money for the girls.

The newest job I came up with for our older daughter was helping to keep the cat's litter box clean.  For this task she gets 25 cents a day, and if she does it for 7 straight days, I will round up to an even $2.  Since the litter-box is currently my responsibility, I consider it worth the price.

This evening, I finally brought her upstairs to show her where we keep the baggies and scooper, and show her what the standards are.  I told her it wasn't good enough to just scoop the stuff she could see off the top...you kind of had to dig around in there, looking for stuff.

Her face brightened at this, 'Oh...it's like a treasure hunt!!!!'

I better not find the buried treasure stashed in her room. 

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