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Well, thank gosh for 'Policy and Procedure'.

I am almost speechless after reading this story: 

Cops, firefighters watch on shore as suicide victim drowns

Almost but not quite speechless...I can probably sum up what I want to say with: 


Now...if their ONLY answer was 'we thought the guy might be dangerous, because suicidal people are often unpredictable'...I might have bought that answer...but as soon as you through out we didn't have the right training, and it's all the budget's fault...just stop.

You couldn't find a couple of hundred yards of rope to throw around someone's waist, or a jet-ski to run out there a couple of hundred yard?  You really going to try and blame this on a budget issue?  

 It's not even the guys death that bums me out that much...I don't know him, or anything about him.  If a person wants to kill themselves, I am fine with it...slowly fading away in neck deep 54 degree water must be a pretty peaceful way to go...talk about some will-power though.  

Nope...I'm more upset by the different stories that say the fire department and police did nothing but watch from the beach for an hour...typical government workers, always looking for a chance to take a break.  Wasn't there a cat they could rescue somewhere else to earn their paycheck instead of standing around watching this guy drown?

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  1. When I first saw that I thought it was another story from the place Great Britain used to be.

    Then I saw that thing about the budget and said- those f*cking union thugs let someone die so they could make a point about money.