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Sad Monday story.

Well, sometimes, bad things happen in life, and there is no one to blame, and no real reason for it.  This story, about a 13-year old kid that was killed during a baseball game is one of those times. 

What a freak, freak thing.  You wearing a batting helmet because it's a credible threat...they are already working on taking away the aluminum/composite bats, because that is a somewhat credible threat...but how do you protect a child from something that has less than 150 reported incidents of occurring...EVER?

It is thin, thin sauce for the family to note that he died playing a game he loved.  Plus, how does something like this effect the kid who threw the pitch?  Never in a million years did he think the result of that pitch would be another child his age lying dead on the field.  My heart, and the prayers of our family go out to all involved.

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  1. When the gods call you to heaven, all the protection in the world won't save you.