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Mini-range report

Yesterday morning was the last morning that my mother-in-law was going to be in town.  Figuring the morning would be full of tearful goodbyes and packing, I snuck off for 'quick' trip to the range.  Two and a half hours, and one sore shoulder later, I figured it was time to head back home.

I really need to go more times, with shorter, more efficient trips.

I proved that I am not a totally incompetent craftsman...the pistol grip and collapsible stock I installed on my Saiga didn't fall off after 100 rounds.  It made the Saiga a much more comfortable gun to shoot.  The hill side above the 100-yard range has 6 metal gongs on it, ranging from 200-500 yards out.  With my last ten rounds, I was able to hit the 250 yard gong 4 times...not bad for me with open sights on a first attempt.

I then zeroed in the red dot scope I put on my 10/22, before breaking out my .35 Whelen.  The first two shots I made we not happy making. 

I was FLINCHING.  I couldn't believe I had gotten that used to my Saiga, my AR, and my 10/22 that the .35 Whelen had me flinching.  Sloppy too.  My 2nd group of three was much better once I slowed down, took my time, and paid attention to my breathing. 

While letting the rifle barrels cool, I put about 50 rounds through my CZ and and another 50 through my 686.  As usual, I love my CZ, but I need to work more on the double-action trigger on my S&W.  Just sloppy and tired. 

When I settled back in behind the .35 Whelen, I decided to take aim at the 300 yard gong, and I was pretty happy...I went 3 for 3.  It's not a tough target...the gong's are about 2 foot diameter circle. 

I finished things up on the .22 plinking range.  If I had thought the plinking range was fun on my first trip using my Ruger Mk II, it was more fun than a basket full of kittens using my 10/22 with the red dot scope on it. 

Well worth a little bit of a sore shoulder. 

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