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Naughty Latte'

So, over the past two years, a trend that has caught on and begun spreading in the Northwest(can't speak for the rest of the country) is Naughty Latte stands...a coffee stand where the attractive young lady preparing your double-tall, soy milk, sugar-free caramel macchioato is scantily clad.  The level of scantily cladness can range from lingerie, to Bikini Barista's and even at some stands, cut-off shorts and pasties on top.

Being a happily married but still terribly shallow man, I am pretty much okay with this trend.  I have TONS of respect for any young lady who is willing to don a bikini(or less) in a grey, drizzly Northwest winter, and serve coffee at a little drive-up shack.  While winters on the west side of the state are not cold, they can be nipply nippy...despite teaching my daughters that drizzle is liquid sunshine, it DOES NOT make it feel warmer.

Strangely enough, a large percentage of the soccer moms who live in Western Washington are not happy with this trend.  They have taken to calling such establishments Sexpresso stands, and referring to the healthy young ladies that work in that as Joe-Ho's.  Since they can't come out admit that what really has them upset about these stands is that they can't force their husbands to stop going there, what we really need to do is shut them down for...you guessed it...The Children. 

"As an adult, I can make the choice not to look there, but I have minor children who I travel with," said Marnie Ferraro, mother of four boys, ages 6 through 18
Horse pucky.  Trust me...when I drive by(not through) these places, I TRY to look in, and I can't see anything.  Like the article said, most of these places are already located a little further off the road then normal, and with fences and screens around them, so that unless the young lady tries to lean down into the car, you can't see anything!  

For the record, I don't go to this type of latte stand...any more.  Once or twice I went through a Bikini Barista type place, but...well, come on...look at what most 20-year old girls are already wearing!!!!  You aren't seeing much more at a Naughty Latte stand then at a normal stand where the girl is wearing shorts and a halter top in the summer.  Plus, most of the places where the girls are scantily clad charge 35-50 cents more for a cup of espresso and milk foam that already costs too much.
From a 'real world' point of view, I could probably be convinced that there is no need to run an espresso stand wearing bikini bottoms and pasties...but that would make me as hypocritical as a duck hunter who says 'You don't need no 10-round magazines  to go hunting!'  

J.J. Wilson of Espresso Gone Crazy in Gorst decried the proposed code changes, saying the county can ill afford more roadblocks for businesses.
That's right J.J....with a double-dip recession looming, can we really afford to punish small business owners(or hard-up guys who just want a cup of coffee?)

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