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Farmer's Market Fail.

Yesterday, I had to take a qualification exam for work.  Once that wrapped up, I was feeling pretty mentally exhausted, so my boss and I decided that it didn't make sense for me to head out to the site in the condition.  Instead, I headed home to give my wife a hand moving and unpacking.  Progress was going good on that, so after a bit, I suggested we get out of the apartment for at least a little bit, to enjoy the day.  SWMBO was not hard to convince.

The Richland Farmers Market is not huge(supposedly, the Pasco Farmers Market is the largest one in the area) but it's a good size...probably 50-60 booths. About 3rd of them are veggies...you have a couple of bakeries, candles, soaps, two organic meat dealers...farmers market stuff.  It was only our 2nd time going yesterday, so I'm not sure how much rotation there is of vendors. 

One of the stands we noticed for the first time today was selling honey...we have plenty of honey at home, but we don't have any honey comb.  One of the good things about having kids is that you can use them as an excuse to get out of things you don't want to, or justify things you shouldn't do.  In this case, we really don't NEED honey-comb, but I convinced the girls they just had to have it.  There were also some folks up from Oregon selling nuts, so we picked up some walnuts and hazelnuts. 

To call the girls underwhelmed by the honey-comb would be an understatement.  It was a challenge to teach them the technique of chewing but not swallowing(But daddy...you tell us not to spit stuff out of our mouth!).  They thought it was a lot of work for a little reward.  'Daddy...can't we just have a spoonful of honey?'

The nuts were even worse...neither my wife or I could remember if we had a nut cracker, or if it was just packed.  I was able to crack some walnuts by squeezing two of them in my hand...but the hazelnuts were tougher.  Add a nutcracker to today's shopping list. 

It wasn't all fail.  Strawberries are in season, so my wife bought a nice looking package of those.  If we were set up for canning, it is certainly stock up prices out there.  We also bought a nice looking bundle of kale for soup, some asparagus,  and two tasty looking loafs of Apple Strudel Bread.  I plan on slicing those up tomorrow and turning them into french toast.

Next time we will remember to bring our little rolling cooler to keep stuff cold while we do some walking around. 

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