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Congratulations to Sgt. Leroy Arthur Petry.

Lewis-McChord soldier will receive Medal of Honor

Sgt. Petry is getting himself a free trip to the White House for saving the lives of two of his fellow soldiers back in May of 2008 in Afghanistan.  While withdrawing following a raid, his group came under fire.  Sgt. Petry was shot through both legs, and him and his group hunkered down behind a chicken coup.  While taking cover, two grenades were lobbed in their direction.

The First grenade landed about 10 yards away, causing the Marines to take cover.  The 2nd grenade landed close enough to their group that Sgt. Petry picked it back up, and while he was attempting to throw it away, it went off in his hand.  One can guess the result.  He then applied a tourniquet, and the group was able to fight their way out.  

Their is little doubt that Sgt. Petry's actions saved both his life, and those of his two fellow Rangers.  It seems perfectly acceptable to me.  Sgt. Petry will join Salvatore Giunta as the only 2nd Medal of Honor winner to survive the action which won him the award since the end of the Vietnam War.  

Curious, I did a little research.  Overall, 17% of MOH's have been given posthumously...but this a bit skewed by the Civil War, when there was only a 2% mortality rate associated with the award.  Throw out the Civil War, and it's a 30% mortality rate...and from WWII on, it's over a 50% death rate.  A Hero's Death, but Death none-the-less.  

Even the liberal Seattle Times is proud of Sgt. Petry.  While not everyone can agree with the reasons for the fighting, one MUST give proper respect to the people doing the fighting, and willing to die to save their fellow man. 



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