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Well, that's genius!

Some common sence news from the East Coast:

Airport geese to be cooked for poor. 

It's about time...and I hope this is just the beggining...if any New York started trend needs to spread like wildfire, it's this one.  Routinely over the course of the summer, we hear about local beaches at lakes and ponds being closed because of too much duck/goose related fecal matter being deposited. 

I am all for this 'culling'.  The only part that makes me say a little grrrrrrrr is where the city  is paying for this(HELLO...SPECIAL Hunting permits?!?!?!?!?) and that they had to look to neighboring Pensylvania to find someone willing to take the birds. 

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  1. Seattle could make some coin and clean up Greenlake.

    Socialist schmucks.