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Save a horse...

A few months ago, we had driven down to the town of Bickleton to look at some property that was for sale.  While there, we visited the East Klickitat County History Museum, which also acts as a carousel museum for one of the oldest carousel's in the country.  The horses stay inside all year, except for the 2nd weekend of June, when they are placed on the carousel, and folks can ride on them at the Alder Creek Pioneer Rodeo and Picnic. 

This being the 2nd weekend in June, we loaded up in the truck to head down to Cleveland, population 20, a few miles south of Bickleton. 

It was a cute little fair.  The kids got to ride on the carousel, not once, but twice.  Tickets were 50 cents each, or 3 for $1, so mommy and daddy got to take turns riding with the kids. 

Other than the carousel, there wasn't all THAT much to do at the fair.  There was a bounce house for the kids, and a few stands selling crafts.  Most important there was Fair Food!  The kids got some cotton candy, SWMBO got a sno-cone, and I got to have some funnel cake, with powdered sugar. 

On the way home, we took advantage of the nice weather to head back up the hill and look again at the 20-acre lots that were for sale...big mistake...I have fallen in love all over again, and so did the wife.  I hate spooking a group of does bedded down on property I am driving by to look at. 

If we decide that living in the 1200 SF, 2 floor town house is HUGE amounts nicer than living in this apartment, and the house sells soon, we might head down a path where we buy one of the two 20-acre lots that are available, and just suffer in the town-house for 18-24 months. 

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  1. Funnel cake and carousel horses = red letter day!