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Just keep them distracted...

Last night, SWMBO tasked me to keep the girls distracted while she put the (almost) finishing touches on cleaning at the old apartment.  Her 'suggestion' was that I take them to one of the many parks in the area so they could have some fun outside.

Yesterday was a warm day...right around 90 degrees, and after dinner it was still 85ish.  I did in fact keep the girls occupied at the park for 40 minutes or so, but by then daddy was finished with sitting outside.  My younger one was complaining about being hungry, and the older one mentioned that ice cream might be nice.  Since I am easily lead by intelligent women, I ended up with both the girls at Dairy Queen, which DID keep the youngin's distracted. 

I was responsible though...older daughter got a mini blizzard, youngin got a small chocolate dip cone, and I only ordered a SMALL Blizard....

I figured at some point, I was going to have to help eat that ice cream cone before it could melt and run all over the place. 

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