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Oh please, just stop talking...

I want to like Sarah Palin...I really do.  In fact, I felt pretty good about her shortly after she was selected as the Vice-Presidential nominee.  What wasn't to like...an attractive, seemingly pro-gun libertarian minded politician from Alaska, and young enough that if the first four years in office aged John too much, he could just pass the torch on to her.  Seemed like a good set-up.

I don't think she cost the Republican's the election.  Oh, her 'aw-shucks, yeah sure you betcha' routine(she watch a lot of 'Fargo' you think?' might have alienated a few of city-city independent voters, but...it was just Obama's time I think.

Now let's fast forward a few years.  She is still an attractive lady(it's not germane to her qualifications as an office holder, but anyone who denies that being at least moderately attractive HURTS you in life is lying to themselves)...but now it seems every time she opens her mouth, I want to 'accidentally' stick a q-tip too far into my ear. 

Now instead of being a pro-gun semi-libertarian sounding Republican, she is the poster child for the 'Which way is the wind blowing' crowd.  More often than not, this has her siding with the so-called Religious Right...which is one of my less favorite political groups.  If she isn't with the Religious Right, she is using her Star Power to steal away the Tea Party name. 

In short, I really don't like her much anymore...except when she isn't talking.  Because when she does talk, even if she isn't talking about bad politics, she is just saying less than intelligent things.  Case in point is her recent answer about the importance of Paul Revere.

I guess now we know why Obama takes his teleprompter with him everywhere he goes...think he'd be a nice guy and let Sarah borrow it?


  1. She is one of several reasons Obama might be re-elected. You'd think the entire Republican party could come up with one viable candidate.

  2. You hit that nail squarely on the head. I was a huge fan until she opened her mouth a few times. (and don't get me started on her "hunting and fishing" skills).

    We need someone in office that can do more than market themselves. We can't withstand four years of that.

  3. You ladies got that right...all signs point to him being very beatable, IF the right candidate can be put out there.

    I would say we need another Ronald Reagan, but that just makes me wonder how Ronnie would have been portrayed by today's media.

    Oh well...as always, America will get what it deserves.