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Saturday Lunch near-catasrophe.

Yesterday afternoon, on the way home from visiting the fair, we made a decision to stop for a late lunch at a Whitstran Brewpub in Prosser that my wife and I had previously enjoyed.  What we did not realize is that minutes before our arrival, a 'Wine Country Tour' bus had swung in to get 22 people their lunch. 

This isn't a big place...maybe room for 40-45  folks total, plus a patio with 2 more tables, so, there was plenty of room for us to sit at a table.  What was NO GOOD for us was having those 22 people all getting their order in right before us.  As a result, we had a 55 minutes wait for our food.  I was okay with this...there was air conditioning, pretzels, and BEER.  Previously I had highly enjoyed their Highlander Scotch Ale, but they were in-between batches of that, so instead I tried their Pale Ale(very Hoppsy) and their Hefeweizen(which was very good).  My wife and mother-in-law had some of the birch beer brewed on site. 

The people that were not okay with a 55 minute wait for food were the kids.  'You drug us away from the carousel for this!' 

Talk about making a parent feel like he has failed....

Luckily, when the food did show up, it was okay.  I am not saying it was worth waiting an hour for, but it was worth a normal restaurant wait. I also sacrificed having my growler filled with Hefe so my wife could bring some of the birch beer she really liked home. 

I'm not sure I would have made it home in one piece if the food had been less than pleasing. 

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