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Got a text from a buddy of mine yesterday.  Not only was he off work all week, and taking a trip our around the Olympic Peninsula, but he also decided to buy a new gun.

He was very excited about the deal he got on his new Taurus Judge?!?!?!? 


Now...a gun is a gun, is a gun.  At some point in every gun collection, you are going to start purchasing guns 'just because you want it.'  It doesn't really need a purpose, which in my opinion, describes the Taurus Judge.  I already have a gun in .45 Colt...and I am not sure I can find a use for .410 in my life.  Even with some of the new 'Personal Self Defense Loads' that are being put out by the ammo manufactures trying to capitalize on the .410/.45 craze, .410 would come in somewhere between .22 and .380 on my '1st choice of self-defense loads.'  As far as 'needing' a snake gun...if I start hiking here a lot in Eastern Washington and find the rattlesnakes to be that big a deal, I will pick up a box of CCI shot shells for my .357.

So...jealous he got a gun, it's just not the gun I would buy...still waiting for a PMR-30 to show up in stock. 

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