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Pay no attentiton to the man with the towel.

Getting ready to head to the range this morning.  For me, going to the range is really a two day event.  I spend the evening before getting the guns picked out, loading magazines, and getting the range bags ready to go.  Sometimes,  I will even clean a gun or two that got ignored after the last range trip...sometimes.

I don't have enough rifle cases to go around.  I have a very nice hard-sided rolling case I bring up hunting in the fall, but it is currently buried in my storage unit.  Then I have one rifle case suitable for scoped guns, and one shot-gun case.  Now that I have put a red-dot on my 10/22, it won't fit in the shot-gun case anymore...and neither will my saiga, now that I mounted a pistol grip.  Ummmmmmm. 

Obviously, I need to buy another few gun cases.  It won't be a huge expense, I just don't have time to do it today before heading to the range.  The solution for the day was to wrap the guns up that don't fit inside a beach towel, and oh-so-carefully carry the beach towel down to my truck. 

As long as no one calls the police about someone carrying an 'assault towel' I should be okay until I can buy a few more soft sides cases this week. 

Someday, when I'm a real blogger, some manufacturer will offer me samples to try out and review.  Someday...because really, free stuff is what it is all about.

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  1. I think it was Hickey and Boggs who carried a 6" S&W Model 29 around wrapped in a towel.