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And we have a victor!

Having been born and for the most part, raised North of the Mason-Dixon line, I'm not someone who lives and dies by hot sauce.  Being surrounded by women folk(young and tender ones at that) in my house, I have gotten in a habit of creating fairly wimpy mexican food, and then adding Chipotle Tabasco to get the right amount of kick for me.  Other than that, I mostly limit my hot sauce usage to scrambled eggs and pizza, and either the green Tabasco or Chipotle Tabasco provide all the heat I need.  There is no need for Dave's Insanity Sauce in my household. 

Recently at work, one of my co-workers has been badgering me to try HIS hot sauce of choice on my lunch, Cholula.  I did, and it wasn't bad, but it lacked the flavor of my Chipotle Tabasco.  Earlier this week, he stopped playing fair, and brought in the new Chipotle Cholula.  It was better than okay...it was quite good.  So good I stopped on the way home to buy some for the house. 

This evening, the dinner menu included scrambled eggs...so, I decided to run a little taste test on myself.  I know such things can't be 100% trusted without someone else running a blind 'pepsi challenge' type scenario, but, in my unscientific test, I would say the Cholula Chipotle was about 15 times better than the Tabasco Chipotle...it just had much more flavor to it, and slightly less heat, which is fine by me. 

Now I just have to finish the other three bottles of Tabasco that I had previously stocked up on...

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