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This is wrong on sooooo many levels...

When I was in the Navy, and we had been underway for a few weeks, we used to joke about how it would have been better to be a criminal than a sailor, because at least in prison you got to see the sun, and they gave you time every day to work out. 

Looks like we weren't the only ones who felt this way:

Man robs bank for $1 to get medical attention.


Okay...part of me wants to say it's too bad the bank guard didn't bust a cappa in his assa, but...this guy probably doesn't deserve to die...but he also doesn't deserve free health care at the tax payers expense, nor does any other convicted convict.  Having lived a life of the just, I have never done jail time...so it's easy for me to take the position that our prisons are soft, soft places, and Mexico, with their throw them in a box with the cockroaches mentality, has the right idea. 

The happy ending here probably would have been if one of the nice police officers responding in North Carolina had pulled out a $1 bill to repay the bank's losses, and then told this guy to hit the road and get lost. 

If the judge gives this guy his wish and sentences him to 3 years for robbing a bank of $1, I'll move to North Carolina just so I can register to vote against him. 

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