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Setting a bad precedent.

The other day, I found myself agreeing with something that was being done out in New York.  Today, I find myself all kinds of cheered up by this news out of Californinia:

Botched Budget means no pay for California Lawmakers. 

Way to go to Mr. John Chiang, who is the California State Controller.  Since we don't have one of those in Washington, I had to do some research.  It seems the Controller is essentially the CFO of California.  It is a 4 year elected position, and Mr. Chiang is currently in his 2nd term. This is a brave move on the part of Mr. Chiang, since he, an elected Democrat, threw out a budget passed by the Democratic State Legislature.  One would think since he is in his 2nd and final term as Controller, Mr. Chiang already as his eyes on his political future.  Making a bold(correct) move like this is a good first way to get some wide name recognition with the voters.

In not-so-surpising news, several members of the legislature who are no longer getting paid, are not happy with his action.

The decision sparked sharp criticism from Democratic lawmakers and could be challenged in court. Assemblyman Mike Gatto, D-Los Angeles, said Chiang decided to withhold pay for political reasons.
"I halted a fulfilling private sector career path to enter public service. I now have to explain to my wife and daughter that we won't be able to pay the bills because a politician chose to grandstand at our expense," Gatto said.
Shut up.  Resign and go back to work then. 

Quite telling is that non of the Democrats that are all butt-hurt by this are trying to say 'Yes the budget is too balanced!'...they are tying to take the position that the Controller doesn't have the power/abilty to decide if a budget is balanced.  Ummm....it's math folks, either the comes in equals/exceeds the goes outs, or it doesn't.

Now here, in Washington, the State Constiution doesn't allow for an unfunded budget...but if they don't get it done on time, we pay them extra to stick around for a 'special session'.  I do believe that California has it right this time. 

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