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Not as good, but still not bad.

Last night, my wife and I finished up the 2nd season of House of Cards on Netflix.  It wasn't as jaw-droppingly excellent as the first season, but it was still a good show. While Kevin Spacey, as Frank Underwood, is the star and center of the plot, I think it's increasingly Robin Wright who is the center and driver of the show. 

The weakest part of the show is a character we hopefully won't have to deal with much longer...the President of the United States.  Nothing against the actor(although I guess it is against the actor)...but I just can't see this President having enough charisma to have ever been elected in the first place. He has been tough to get behind(but I guess that just reflects reality).

With House of Cards in the bag, we needed a new show to watch, so my wife picked Hannibal, which just recently showed up for free on Amazon Prime.

We are only 4 or 5 shows into it right now, but I kind of like it.  It uses some of the characters made famous by Thomas Harris, most notably Dr. Hannibal Lecter.  Now, the series plays fast and loose(or just balls up and throws in the trash), any kind of timeline from what Mr. Harris did...but, that's okay.  In the series, Hannibal is a psychiatrist who helps out one of the F.B.I.'s top profilers, who is loosing his mind. 

The show is dark, dark, dark, dark...and the fact is, it might work even without having Dr. Hannibal Lecter...but not as good.  The great part about it is, that...you the viewer KNOW he is an evil, evil, manipulative person...but no one else does.  Everything he does has so many different layers to it, because you KNOW.  Every time he invites a co-worker over for dinner, you worry what they are eating...and above all else, you are waiting. 

Waiting for season two to come along, so I can catch up at some point.

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