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And that's why we read the packages.

So, between the labels on tomatoes, the labels on zucchini, and what I read on the internet, it's highly possible that I confused myself.  Somehow, I got into my head that everything I wanted to plant was supposed to be started 4-5 weeks prior to last frost.  What I really think is that I convinced myself that with tomatoes needing a 6-8 week head start, and zucchini/squash needing a 3-4 week head start, that I could split the middle by starting everything about 5 weeks before I wanted to put it in the ground.

Great Logic.

Now my zucchini look ready to go in the ground, and yeah, the weather this week looks okay, but we do still have a week or two left where we could have frost.

I have to do something though...those little starter pellets aren't going to keep them going much longer...so I moved all of my squash and tomatoes into 5 inch pots, to hopefully buy them another few weeks before I have to put them into the ground.

As far as getting the ground ready, I took another big step today, clearing the straw off of last years beds, and then turning everything over, and mixing in some fresh compost.  After that, I covered the beds the best I could with some heavy duty black trash bags, my goal basically being to 'cook' whatever weeds might still in the beds for a week or two. 
I also couldn't resist the urge to start some things growing, so I threw some early carrots in one of the beds, because...well, SPRING!

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