Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


My day is spoken for.

No relaxing Saturday here...I'm heading out the door in a minute to run to Walla Walla so my daughter can do the field exercise portion of her hunters safety course(she got a 92 on her written test), which is a better score than I would have gotten based on the practice test I helped her through.

It is also my wife's birthday today...and since I am running away to Walla Walla, she is having to abandon her plans to spend the day in bed with a cuppa and the kindle watching 'House' to bring my younger daughter to soccer practice.

I will try to make that up to her later, when we all go out to dinner.  Right now she is leaning towards Chinese food.

I made this collage up last month for our anniversary, but since I didn't share it here back then, it's still applicable(and it won't make me late for hunters education.)

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