Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Rollin, Rollin, Rollin...

Heading out early this morning(the goal is to be leaving the drive way at 9am...but I have learned, and so the family thinks the goal is 8:30). 

We are heading over to my mom's for an Easter Brunch.  We also have to deliver the case of wine she bought for wedding when she came out to visit in March. 

The kids are excited because they get to spend the night at Nana's house, decorating eggs.

My wife and I are excited because we are NOT spending the night at Nana's house decorating eggs.  I think we will be out for a grown-up dinner, and maybe some karaoke.

It should be a good weekend.  After action report to follow.

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