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Knot Bad.

Still catching up from the weekend, and the one thing I can't let get away without comment was the dinner I had with my wife on Saturday night. 

Without having to worry about the kids, we decided to go check out one of the many Puget Sound area brewpubs that I haven't had a chance to go to yet...Diamond Knot Alehouse, in Mukilteo. 

I cannot recommend it highly enough.  We made a good choice.  All four of the beers we tried were really good.  I had a pint of their Winter Ale and their American Brown, while my wife had the Possession Porter(expertly modeled above) and a sample size glass of their Barley Wine.  Truth be told, a 4 ounce sample of barley wine is just about the right size anyway.  It was the first time my wife had tried a barley wine...and she liked it.  I had tried one or two before, and I liked it also...pretty smooth and mellow for a barley wine...but I'll stick with the dark beers, thank you very much.

We weren't there just to get tipsy though...we needed to eat some dinner, also.  On this score, Diamond Knot more than measured up.

Starting far away, we have the 3 piece fish and chips(my wife wanted 2 piece, but I told her to get the three piece so I could do some guilt free thieving), and then a bowl of seafood chowder in the middle that we shared, before we see the enemy in the foreground...the Sloppy Tot Casserole. 12 ounces of their house made ground beef, chorizo and corn sloppy joe mix, covered with cheesy tater tots.  Yum.

The fish and chips I had was really good...more of a crispy breading than a batter coating.  While I prefer a straight New England Clam Chowder to a 'Seafood' Chowder...this one was really tasty.  I think it was the smoked salmon that gave it some good flavor. 

Service was also stellar.  Our server was on the ball all evening long, and our food was out FAST.  One might almost say too fast. As you can tell from the picture above, my wife and I had combined to barely eat half of the chowder before the entrees came out. 

Next time, I'll skip the peanuts.  Oh...and there will be a next time.  The pizza's looked really good, and one of the folks at the table next to us ordered the Reuben....it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. 

Even if I do need to bring the kids.

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