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Two for Two

Sorry things have been slow this week.  Earlier in the week, both myself and my daughter went in and auditioned for parts in the Mid-Columbia Musical Theatre's summer production of The Sound of Music(her idea, not mine).  Last night was then a long night, with both of us getting to go in for Call Backs. 

Today we found out that we both landed rolls in the show...nothing big...ensemble rolls for each of. 

It's about what I expected for myself...The Sound of Music does not have the scale of Les Miserable...in fact, there are only two adult male rolls that have singing, and neither of them are written for a 'modern' tenor part. 

As for my daughter...she is very excited to have gotten a chance to be on stage. I am beyond proud of her for the way she conducted herself during the audition process.  I know she gave it her best.

I ain't gonna lie to you...the 'yelling from the sideline soccer dad' in me felt she was the perfect Gretl(youngest of the children, if you aren't a Sound of Music fan).  She was the smallest of the children who made the call-backs, and the one who could most easily have passed for 5 years old.

But...(and this might be daddy rationalization)...that could have been her down fall.  The directors made no bones of the fact that the kids had to work as a 'family'.  They wanted a nice 'stair step' look to the kids...and my daughter is a good two inches shorter than any of the others.  Even I can concede that she threw off a nice the nice even stair-step, no matter what other combination of kids they tried her with. 

Still...it's a first for her.  As near as I could tell, she didn't suffer from any nervousness in the process.  Plus, like my wise wife said, with her starting out with a small part for her first stage experience, it let's her see how everything works,

There is always next time(which I am sure there is going to be plenty of). 

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