Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Welcome to the party.

After years of hearing about it(Ned Stark!  Red Wedding!  White Walkers!  Death!  Boobs!), my wife and I finally ponied up some cash to start watching Game of Thrones on amazon prime.

A special event like this calls for special victuals. 

Yes, something like a glass of Barnard Griffin's 2009 Syrah Port, and some Nutella Brownie Cups.  The brownie cups were dead simple to make...5 ingredients(4 if you leave out the chocolate chips, but then you are a commie bastard).  The toughest part is getting the razza-frazzin chocolate/hazelnut spread out of the jar.  So...easy to make, and they go great with the port(although, I think if you take one or two of them while warm, and put them in a bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream...whoa Nellie).

So, why port?

Gotta drink it sometime.  Port is one of those sneaky things.  When you go out for a day of wine tasting, most vineyards end their tasting with their desert wines, or ports.  By your third or fourth winery, you manage to convince yourself that the port is worth the price...and dang, it does taste good....but then, you forget about it.  The little half-size bottle ends up hidden amongst the rest of your wine, until your wife finds 3(or 7!) of the cute little bottles of desert wine/port when she is dusting off the wine racks, and says 'We are drinking some port this weekend!'.

Very good call on her part, by the way.

Anyway...we only watched the first episode last night, but, we were not disappointed by Game of Thrones.  It's highly possible that this might be one of those things that actually live up to the sky high expectations that have been set for it.

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  1. Ii can't think of a better evening, Brownies, port, and a TV show that's actually good. I will have to go check it out. Outside of NCIS and the occasional BBC show, I never have the TV on.