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Bad Day at the Office.

I'm not talking about the newest Fort Hood shooting...still waiting for info to come in to form much of an opinion about that one. I will say it confirms what I have always thought about these type of things though: If you perpetrator of the planned violence DOES NOT care about their own survival...you CAN NOT stop them from killing/hurting people...you can only minimize the damage they cause with a rapid response. This is where allowing teachers(or co-workers on a military base) could help...you are never going to stop the bad guy from killing one or two people...but you can start making it tougher for him right away.


Nope...the bad day I was talking about occurred over in Bangkok, where 7 people were killed and almost 20 injured when workers at a scrapyard found out that the metal cylinder they were trying to cut apart with plasma torches turned out to be a 500 pound bomb left over from WWII.

Not a huge amount of details...a construction crew found the object, and sold it to a local scrapyard.  They then took the most direct path to cutting the object up, which ended badly.  Where I work we stress 'Identify the Hazard' again, and again, and again. 

Yeah...it's sad people died...but what stands out to me is that almost 70 years later, they are still finding leftover bombs from WWII...two of them in fact, because earlier in the week, this same construction crew found another bomb(which was properly handled by the police bomb squad). 

Makes you try to visualize just how much ordnance was dropped from planes back in the 1940's in both the Pacific and over Europe. 

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