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Double Dragon

Yesterday, as is right and proper with it being her birthday, my wife decided we should go out for Chinese food.

Now, for my wife, that's a big deal.  She is very selective of where she is willing to go eat Chinese food.  During the 13 years we have been together, there has only been ONE Chinese Buffet place that she has willingly gone to more than once.  More than the quality of the food, I believe it's the quality of hygiene at most buffet places that trips up the nurse in her.

Luckily, at Double Dragon over in Kennewick, it doesn't matter that it's not an all-you-can-eat buffet.  With the way they do 'family style', it might as well be.  We usually order one of the 'family style' combo's for three, and even through there are four of us, we have huge amounts left over.  Yes, it helps that the girls eat like birds...but, still...it's a huge amount of good food.  It's good enough that ever since we had some friends bring us there a few years ago, shortly after we moved to the Tri-Cities, we gladly drive past a dozen places we have never taken a chance on. 

The birthday girl?  She's getting harder to find stuff for, but occasionally, I get lucky.  This time it was a matching cream and sugar bowl in her pattern. 

Technically, it's Gemco, and not pyrex...but the pattern is right.  Like I said, it's getting tougher to find her new things for collections.  I'm pretty sure our house has the largest collection of Crazy Daisy Pyrex, Lard Cans, oil lamps, and turtle pins in the Tri-Cities. 
Not AR-15's though....
Then again, my birthday is just next month...

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