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Something is missing...

Well...the raised beds are as ready to receive plants as I can make them. 

Today I turned soil one more time, mixing in some more compost, and a sprinkle of Epsom Salt into each bed.  After that, it was untangling and faking out the hoses for each bed.   I kind of screwed up...expanding from 4 beds to 6 beds meant I had to buy two more hoses...and I for 'soaker' hoses instead of the 'sprinkle' hoses I got last year. 

The sprinkle hoses seam to give out more water than the soaker ones.  I hope to have overcome that by having them in the middle beds.  That way, the overspray from the sprinkler hoses should be able to help water the middle beds(fingers crossed).  The real challenge is going to be the watering.  As you can tell I have one hose, that then goes through a three way splitter, before each of those is split again into the individual beds.  I'm pretty sure once I split that one hose out 6 times, I'm going to need to run the water almost an hour.  Luckily, I have another month or two to figure that out before it starts getting really hot.  

I'm also hoping that after a week or two in the sun, the green hoses will get a little more relaxed and then I can run them out in a more...aesthetically pleasing manner. 

Tonight it might get down to 38 degrees or so, and I'm not willing to take the chance of frost, so...nothing is planted yet...but I'm under the gun.  We go to San Diego for vacation at the end of next week, and I can't leave a bunch of seedlings in the house that long. 

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