Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


A first time for everything.

Fresh on the heels of a bust few months(and an extremely busy last few weeks) of participating in the local production of Les Miserables, I really had no intention of auditioning for the summer production of The Sound of Music.  Alas, in the way that children often do, my younger daughter threw a monkey wrench in that plan, when she asked my wife and I if she could audition for a part.

Well...I'm not going to say no to that.  We try to encourage the kids in whatever they want to do, and so, how could I say no? 

That didn't mean I was going to make it easy on her.  First thing we had to do was pick out a song she knew, and then try to see if I could find the sheet music for the piano accompaniment for it.  Hello Internet, you sweet thing you.  I had no problem finding and downloading the piano part for Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?, from Frozen.  Through the magic of youtube, we were able to find a few videos of the piano part for her to practice with, and then since she takes weekly piano lessons, we were able to ask her piano teacher to help her with the song this week.

After that, my wife took over with her bit of preparation...the dolling up.  And by dolling up, I mean she did her best to make my daughter look like a doll.


I'm not sure there are many situations where being 'cute' hurts your chances. I do know that trying out for a role in a play where you are supposed to be a cute kid is not one of them.

The tough part for me was the audition itself...because I didn't get to go in the room with her.  My stomach was flip-flopping worse when she had to go in the audition room by herself than when I went in to do my song. 

She seemed pretty chipper when she came out, so hopefully that's a good sign.  When I finished my audition, I broke etiquette  and asked if she had done okay, and I was assured she had done what she was supposed to do.  I couldn't dig much more than that.  Either way, I'm proud of her.  There are many folks out there who could never work up the courage to perform in public, or put themselves out there for an audition. 

Working in her favor is the fact that the youngest three children in The Sound of Music are girls. 

I still blame Carrie Underwood. 


  1. You can go a long way on that 10,000 watt cute look.

  2. I hate to give the impression that I am raising her to 'be cute'...but I'm also going to do my darndest to raise my daughters to be realistic. Like I said, being cute(even full on pretty as they get older), seldom hurts. However, they will know that cute might open the door for them, but it's up to them to do something once they are inside the room.
    Or something like that.