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Sometimes, it's okay to not get anything done.  In my carefully thought out plan for the weekend, today was supposed to be the day I pulled the old straw mulch off my raised beds and then mixed in some compost to get them ready for this year.

Then my daughter asked me if I would take her to the gun range so she could practice everything she had been learning while taking her online hunters education course. 

We had a good time at the range.  The only negative is that it was kind of busy(beautiful spring day), and the only bench available when we got there was between tow guys sighting in new toys, one a 10.5 inch barreled AR, and the other an amazing looking .338 Lapua.  That gave my daughter and I a chance to talk about the advantages(to the shooter) and disadvantages(to the bystanders) of a muzzle break.  After about 45 minutes, she was hiding in my truck in between strings to avoid getting a headache.

She is getting better...and more importantly, more comfortable with the guns.  I finally have her convinced that she doesn't need to put the safety on and then back off again in between pulling the trigger on a semi-auto.  She had also decided that she likes the red dot on the 10-22 better than the open sights on her Rossi. 

After getting home, I'm sure I could have still gotten some things done in the yard, but...screw it.  Instead, I started making up a pot of this highly recommendable beef and lentil soup

It's starting to stay lighter later...I'm sure I can move straw around during the week after work.

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