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Someone is in trouble.

This evening, my wife told me she had a confession to make.  Earlier in the day, our younger cat had followed her into the bathroom, and to keep her distracted, she turned the faucet on a slow trickle to see what the cat would do.  Well, after playing for a bit, the cat seemed to enjoy drinking from the running water.

Ha, ha, ha. 

I proceeded to lecture my wife for a minute or two about teaching the cat bad habits, and then let her stew for a few minutes before showing her this video I filmed this morning.

Yeah...I think we need to nip this in the bud now, before it goes to far.  One of my friends told me she had a cat who got used to drinking in this manner, and just about allowed herself to die of dehydration before she 'lowered' herself to drinking from a bowl again.

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  1. Cooney used to do that. he would get it in the bathtub, and I broke him of it fast by turning the shower on full blast one time. he never went near it again.