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Spring is Sprung.

Yesterday was a fairly beautiful day.  Right around 75-degrees, sunny, with just a slight breeze.  I came home to find one of the two plum trees in our backyard in full blooming glory.

And as a hopeful good sign, the bees had found it, and it was the center of attention in my yard.

The second plum tree in our yard is about two days behind this one.  It has popped a bloom or two, but it's not at 100% yet. 
This does mean I need to keep an eye on the weather though.  While today is supposed to be 78ish, and we were 48 overnight last night, if a front dives down from Canada, we still could see a freeze.  Last year we had a hard frost right around April 20th...and I got nothing from my trees...not that I expected much since I just put them in...but the blooms were pretty. This year I have decided that if I need to spend some more money for fans, or blankets, or net's....I will. 
But it's starting to feel like that won't be required.  

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