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Who's scared of a little rain.

So, I woke up this morning, all kinds of motivated.  Since my wife had told me she didn't want anything for our anniversary(it's a trap!), instead I headed off to Home Depot to buy everything necessary to turn my 4 raised beds into 6 raised beds. 

Of course, Mother Nature then decided that today should be one of the 11 days this year it's actually going to rain here in Richland. 

It wasn't raining hard...so rather than sit inside and mope, I decided to put on my 'I was Raised in Western Washington, so Rain Doesn't Bother Me' big boy pants, and make some progress.

Yeah...once again, I came up short on enough gravel for my walkways.  That's fine, I have to go out tomorrow to get the soil anyways, so I'll get a few more bags of gravel too.  

After that, the next big step is pulling the straw off the other beds.  At one point, I thought I would just plant through the straw, but there weeds growing up through it, so, I believe I will have to rake it up and dispose of it, then turn the beds(it will give me a chance to add more compost)...and then I will cover the beds with black plastic for a few weeks, make sure I kill everything off before starting to plant. 

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