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Wish I knew which it was...

Well, I am feeling better this morning...I can at least breath through my nose.(For some reason, back in my Navy Days, mouth-breather was one of the worst insults you could hurl at someone...thus, to this day, I always feel lame when nasal congestion reduces me to having to breath through my mouth.

I just wish I knew which of the 4 pills/cocktails that I threw at this thing was going the trick.  Since I had watery eyes/itchy nose earlier in the week, I thought this might be more allergies than cold, so I took some Alavert, and then asked my wife the nurse if it would be okay to start taking Alka-Seltzer cold/sinus pills before the 24 hour run time on the Alavert was up.  She said it should be okay, so...I did.  But, we have Alka-Seltzer Cold/Flu and Alka-Seltzer Allergy/Sinus...so I've been splitting the dosage.  All while drinking so Emergen-C and Airborne that my liver probably looks like a grapefruit by now.

Those seemed to be at least not making things worse, so last night, after rehearsal, I pulled out the big guns...I made a cup of tea, and added as much honey as I felt would dissolve into it, and then added a medium size slug o' whisky. 

I slept good,  I'll tell you that...and that might be the real secret to beating this thing...a few hours of sleep uninterrupted by wheezing, hacking and sniffling. 

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