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I'm okay with Mary Kay!

My wife is a Mary Kay sales consultant(if that's what they call themselves...it sounds better than 'pusher')....but the fact is, she isn't a pusher.  She is in no danger of every driving a pink car.  I believe she originally signed up to help out a friend(who IS a pink car driver now), and because it allowed her to get HER makeup for cheaper than she would otherwise.

A few weeks ago though, she kind of decided to become a little more active.  I'm not sure if it's because she really desires the sales, or because she is just looking for other groups to be part of...but I am highly supportive, if only because it is expected that you wear a dress/skirt to the monthly meetings.

So yes, this whole post exists just to brag about my wife a few days shy of our 13th Anniversary.  Mother of two somewhere north of 30?  I don't think that is most peoples first guess.

I don't wear makeup(much)...but if she's selling, I'm buying. 

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