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Suck it, Snoqualmie.

Well, this feels like a proper use of tax-payer money from the Spokane Spokesman.

As Palouse Falls. . .

OLYMPIA – Palouse Falls is officially the state water fall.

In a ceremony this afternoon with the Eastern Washington falls as a backdrop and dozens of Washtucna Elementary students around the table, Gov. Jay Inslee signed the bill that bestows the title on the geologic feature. The students came up with the idea as a way to draw attention to the falls and a handful of them traveled to Olympia to testify on behalf of the bill.

It was one of two successful efforts to name an official state something in the last session. The Legislature also named the Olympia oyster the official state oyster.

Well...at least they got it right.  I'm kind of surprised that Snoqualmie Falls, given it's proximity to Seattle, hadn't already been named the Official State Water Fall.  I mean...it's nice and all, but look at that construction, and that Inn...it's a tourist trap!

Yes, Snoqualmie Falls is higher than Palouse(268 ft. vs. 198 feet), and moves more water...but it doesn't freeze every year!

Plus, I mean...look Brown!

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