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Long Distance Delivery

Had some friends come and visit this weekend from Western Washington, and they came bearing gifts.

That is a 32oz 'Squealer' of the Aporkalypse, from Slippery Pig Brewery, in Poulsbo.  They are a small place(you could probably even call them a Nano Brewery(although they are expanding into a more traditional Micro Brewery size facility soon.  I first tried their beers last year when we went to visit our friends back in Kitsap County...and I am smitten.  They are makers of very unusual beers...containing things like mellon, and thistle, and ginger and rhubarb.  Some of these work, some don't work(at least not for...everyone likes something different), and some work PERFECTLY.  Their White Chocolate Stout I had last year is quite possibly my favorite beer I have ever had. 

This one is pretty good.  The lack of head is my fault...I've been run, run, run, and so it stayed in the 'squealer' a day or three longer than it should have.

Didn't effect the flavor though.  I'm not sure how they would describe it(the ONLY thing lacking about Slipper Pig is a great website, theirs is pretty basic(spend more time making beer)), but it's a tasty amber/brown, with some light smoke to it, and a peppery finish. 

And if you will pardon my French, it's a bit of an ass-kicker, at 9% ABV.  

Get ye' to Poulsbo!

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