Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Just have to butch it up a bit...

So, one of the things I had kind of forgotten about in the 20 years I have done any kind of on stage acting is makeup.   Back in high school, the makeup was provided for us.  Now, we need to provide our own.

Sure...not a huge problem, although quality stage makeup is not something they sell at the local drug store, I was able to find a party/costume store in Kennewick that carries the Ben Nye brand of Theater Makeup. 

The only quandary left then, was how to transport my makeup.  My wife had several little bags(purses if you will) she was willing to let me borrow...but then, I had a better, more manly idea. 

The Pelican 1020 case my wife got me for Christmas!  I pictured using it to keep my wallet and license stuff safe while hunting, but...this work too.  Not a lot of chance of it being confused with anyone else's stuff, I hope. 

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