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Kicking back.

Holy Moly...I actually have a few hours this morning with nothing on my schedule.  It's a Friday off, and I actually managed to sleep in a bit this morning.  It's been a rough/long week of rehearsals, but we are finally getting to the pay-off.  Last night we had our final rehearsal/first show.  It was a bit of both, because we actually had our first audience last night.  One of the local arts groups donated $3,000 dollars to cover our royalty fees last night, and so we were able to have local area students come to the show for only $5 a head, and I would guess we had about 250-300 in seats last night.

It was kind of funny, because at least 50 percent of our male cast is music teachers...and you could tell who they were by the reaction they got from the audience...not that most of them didn't deserve it. We have some really good singers in the show.  Tonight is the first real crowd, and our Official Opening Night. 

Before that though, some kick-back time.  The Worlds Greatest Mom and Nana has come out for the weekend, to see me in the show, but also to visit.  After taking care of some chores in the morning(cleaning chicken coop, turning compost pile) I believe we are going to head out for a bit wine tasting.  Not too much though...I get flushed when I drink too much red wine, and I am still an amateur at applying stage makeup.

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