Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Not my best look, but...

Hey, not every picture around here can be flattering...but I'm still kind of proud of this one.

My older daughter has repeatedly expressed an interest in wanting to go hunting this fall, and so the first step of that is completing hunters safety class.  What with my being all involved in my musical the last few months we haven't had time to go attend one of the all day classes, but luckily Washington offers an online option.  You can complete the training online, and then take a proctored written exam, as well as passing a field exercise where they grade you on safe gun handling...how to take it out of the car, check it empty, step over a fence...that kind of stuff.

Anyway, tonight we started the online portion of the class, and while I might be sitting behind her, she really hasn't needed any help so far.  I just thought a 3-D example of different action types might help her out.

Of course, when doing hunters safety class with a kid, it's not all fun and games.

'Daddy, you are pointing that gun at the cat.'

'No I'm not...I'm pointing it all the hallway...the cat just walked in front of it.  Besides, it's not loaded...I just showed you how to check it'.

'Daddy...we are supposed to treat all guns like they are loaded.'

Smart kid, and a fast learner. 

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