Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Treating myself.

Had a pretty good weekend, even if it wasn't as relaxing as I like my weekends to be(minimal time in the Al Bundy pose on the couch).  We had two great shows of Les Mis this weekend, with 550 folks Friday night, and almost 800 for the Saturday night show. We expect we will get at least that many for next weekends shows, which is nice.  Ticket sales have already covered our budget, so everything from here on out pads the Mid-Columbia Musical Theaters coffers for the future.

There was wine, and time spent with my Mom, and a great Sunday brunch at Sage Port Grille.

I also decided to buy a new book this weekend.  I rarely buy new books, especially hardcovers, because I can pickup 5-6 2nd hand paperbacks for the price of a hardcover, but I make exceptions when the new Patrica Briggs book comes out.  The newest book in the Mercy Thompson series came out last week, and while dress rehearsals kept me from attending the book signing at Hastings last Tuesday night, I was able to get in the weekend and pick-up one of the extra signed copies she leaves behind. 

We'll see if I make this book last a few days or not.

There was one discordant note involving one of my chickens this weekend, but I am still trying work through what went wrong there, and just how much of it is my fault. 

More on that later, I guess.


  1. I've gotten to meet her twice, she and her husband are awesome folks, and a blast to chat with.

  2. Cool! She lives here in The Tri-Cities, and with every book she releases, she does a signing here in town. I just haven't been able to make it yet. My wife is in a 'stitch and bitch' group with a lady that knows her. Maybe I'll have to tell my wife to turn on the charm and make something happen sooner or later.

  3. Hey Dude! Love your blog, your family and damn near everything you write. And like you I love the Mercy Thompson books. I bought the new one online as an E Book, and read it immediately. I have read them all, gave them to my daughter to read the whole series, and now want them back to reread. I did not think this last one was quite as good as some the the earlier ones, but any Mercy Thompson book is better than none. Wish we did not have to wait so long for each sequel.

    'Course I am a crazy Heinlein fan since the mid 60's, and periodically read all of them over again. I have everything he has ever written, including all his short stories and anthologies. I try to read them all over again every ten years. Favorite is Starship Troopers and I died at the sorry job Hollywood did with their version a few years ago. Talk about missing the mark!

    I guess I don't need to tell you that Glory Road is in my top 5, and is in fact how I got to your blog to begin with, since it linked with your quote . And of course, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress is also in my top 5.

    Glad to see your thespian experience has been so positive!

    Kindest regards,

    Jim (hesdedjim@aol.com)

    PS: Yes my email name is derived from that ever recurring statement by Bones to Kirk when that sad guy in the red shirt dies as usual in the original Star Trek.