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Watching the Oscar's with my wife, I shared a confession with her, and it might cost me my 'Child of the 80's and early 90's' street cred:

I don't really like U2. 

It's not a new thing...I just never really have.  Never once have I said 'Ooo...don't change the radio station...U2 is on!' 

I have done that with the three ladies who also sang on the Academy Awards tonight...Idina Menzel, The Divine Miss M(although, I do have to say that her version of Wind Beneath My Wings was not the best I have heard her do), and my current(and really, she has been for the last two-three years) favorite woman in pop music, Pink.  She may not be Judy Garland, but she did a very nice version of 'Over the Rainbow' tonight. 

Other than the music, I didn't pay much attention to the show.  It seems like Gravity is not a bad movie...and 12 Years a Slave did pretty good also.  Best of all, at least out here on the west coast, it got over right at 9, so we could catch all of The Walking Dead.

Next week, we have a tough choice...The Walking Dead, or the new Cosmos.

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  1. I would rather give breech birth to a flaming porcupine than listen to bette midler. I like U2's "one" but other than that you can keep them. I think Gwen Stefani is the first woman to come down the pike in a while that I can tolerate.