Adventures of a Modern Day, Middle-Aged Hero, on the Glory Road(to family security)


Tired leads to sloppy, sloppy leads to mistakes.

Yeah, sorry folks.  It's been quite the week so far. The show opens tomorrow night, and we are in the middle of dress rehearsals. I am leaving the house at 5:45 in the morning, and not getting home until 10:30ish, and the only reason I saw my kids yesterday is because I had to leave work early to get some closure on an issue.

My truck was kind of broken into Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

I say kind of broken into, because, well...I left the door unlocked.  Not much 'breaking' is required when all you need to do is pull the handle.

Terminology aside, there is no doubt my truck got a thorough ransacking.  The center console and the glove box were both left open, and the contents tossed about. Several things were missing, although the first one that caught my attention was my work neck lanyard, with my little neck knife, and flashlight, and my TLD, and...my security badge. 

That right there lead to a lot of stress in my day.  Nothing like having to admit 14 times in different interviews with Central Badging, and the Hanford Patrol, AND City of Richland Police(potentially stolen badges require a police report #), that yes, you left your truck unlocked, and yes, you consciously left your badge in an unlocked truck(or at least, consciously failed to bring it inside).

As the day went on, I noticed other things missing...a broken digital camera, a simple Gerber folding knife, and the big grimace inducing one from a money standpoint...a decent set of compact Nikon binoculars, and also...my garage door opener.  I've already performed the procedure to clear the garage doors memory.

We weren't the only ones...sounds like a regular 'car prowl' happened last night, with at least 6 cars on my street being gone through.

That a lot of trusting people who probably feel at least slightly violated now.  I know I do. 

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